Taking vitamins for acne breakouts

Acne is condition that is faced not only by teens, but also by many adults well into their twenties. While over the counter acne creams and cleansers are easily available, there is a belief that taking the right type of vitamins can help to reduce breakouts. This is after all a more natural treatment approach.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a well-known antioxidant and taking this helps your skin rejuvenate at a greater pace. Thus, Vitamin A is great for healing your skin. Apart from that, Vitamin A also reduces the sebum production of sebaceous glands on your skin, thus reducing the incidences of acne. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A are tomatoes and carrots. However, if you are taking Vitamin A supplements, do not exceed 5000 I.U. in a day.

Vitamin C

Those of us who are seeking for help with acne should be familiar with Vitamin C, which is also known as a super vitamin. Taking more Vitamin C-rich foods such as guava or oranges, helps to strengthen our immune system. More importantly for acne-prone skin, Vitamin C helps to stimulate greater collagen production, thus preventing acne breakouts and even helping to heal old acne scars. Interestingly, Vitamin C treatments in the form of face-masks or creams have shown to help in removing toxins, again preventing acne breakouts

Vitamin E

This vitamin has always been well known to aid in skin reproduction and healing. How does Vitamin E work? It prevents the break down of saturated fats, and by doing so, prevents these fats from combining with the toxin in our body. This helps stop acne breakout before it even happens. In addition, Vitamin E also works to increase blood supply to our red blood cells, speeding up skin and scar recovery in the process. This mighty vitamin is easily obtainable from fresh and green leafy vegetables such as asparagus and olives.

Vitamin B

The entire range of Vitamin B seems to be of some help towards acne. As a start, Vitamin B5 helps to reduce sebum production, leading to few acne breakouts. Vitamin B1 works well to remove toxins from the body, while Vitamin B3 helps in aiding blood circulation. Finally, Vitamin B6 has shown to be great in helping to regulate the hormones in our bodies. This may help in reducing acne breakouts as hormones have been regarded as one of the reasons for acne.


Zinc, an essential mineral in our bodies, works as an antioxidant and even strengthens the immune system. Apart from that, Zinc has been known to help reduce skin sebum production, ultimately lessening the chances of having oily skin. Foods that are rich in zinc include oysters, nuts and legumes, or even chocolate.

With this, taking the right vitamins should be helpful in preventing or even reducing acne skin problems.