Acne Help for Adults

All of us have been plagued by acne at some time of our lives. Now, if you have been reading stuff off the Internet, you would know that there are both natural and professional ways to get rid of acne.

One of the natural ways to heal pimples would obviously be to wash your face regularly with sulfur based soap, and apply adequate moisturizer to your face. The reason for this is because pores can overproduce sebum as a reaction to over-washing without moisturizing, causing acne breakouts when these pores get clogged.  Thus, be sure to use non-comedogenic moisturizers that won’t clog pores.

help prevent acne breakoutsNow, if that doesn’t work, you can also try other natural remedies such as putting on a honey mask to help rid your skin of bacteria. Other simple things to try would be to use a chamomile teabag pre-soaked in hot water. Apply the teabag on the affected areas on your face. The anti-inflammatory ingredients within the chamomile will help lessen the redness of the skin and reduce breakouts.

Other natural ways most people try to help stop acne breakouts include taking Vitamin A, which assists in strengthening the protective layer of the skin as well as to reduce sebum production. Alternatively, taking chromium is helpful in getting your skin to heal quickly after a breakout.

What if all of the above fails? Well, about 30% of adults suffering from acne tend to look for drug store skin products to solve their problems. Products such as ClearPores and ClearSkinMax consist of a range of cleansers, creams and creams, which contain natural ingredients.

If all of the above fails to treat the most stubborn of acne, research has shown that 20% of most adults will pay a visit to skin care centers. What happens here?

Some dermatologists will prescribe antibiotics to fight the bacteria responsible for causing the breakouts. Others may prescribe a combination of antibiotics and creams that contain retinoid, that are effective in reducing inflammation.

For stubborn pimples that just won’t go away despite all the efforts, skin doctors may use light therapy. Also known as photodynamic treatment, light is used on skin to activate areas with creams containing ALA. Thus, only the skin area with blemishes is treated.  What’s interesting is that this method has been classified as “Off-label” by most dermatologists, as on-going research is still being done.

In the end, the type of treatment of choice really depends on the severity of the acne condition. Most adults would just opt for over-the-counter or natural ways to clear acne, before opting for professional help.

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